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Web Developer,Data Scientist,App Developer

My passion for Development

A digital disrupter in the tech field.
I have mastered the Mobile, Frontend and Backend technologies to make of me an ideal full stack developer for your business. I know, that's not enough, and to compensate for that I have a flair for Artificial Intelligence; hailed to be the future of Technology. I even intend to base my Masters studies on AI.

deep in the tech industry

App Development

Completely self taught through tutorials and building my own rep on StackOverflow. I have experience in native Android development, Cordova and React.

Web Development

A .NET developer by profession, however I have programmed in PHP too. With regards to front-end development, I'll leave you to judge based on this site.

Big Data

Leave the best for last! I'm a pro in database development; be it SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or NoSQL, trust me I'm the man. Got Data? I love it!

Tailored Mobile

A couple of years ago, when Android development was still in its initial phases I took up the personal challenge to learn Android development based on my knowledge of Java. I have developed a couple of apps and also released them on Play Store. However over the years, I decided to move to cross platform technologies, experimenting with React and Cordova's Phonegap. This didn't effect me when Android decided to adopt Kotlin as their main programming language in 2017.

Optimal Web

My profession is that of a Backend .NET Software Developer but through my experience, I learnt how to see difference between a good design and a mediocre one. I've seen so many non-responsive sites and been inspired by some great designers and front-end devs, that I've learnt through them how to build impressive content. On the back-end, I come across several tools which help me build the best web services on a daily basis. In my free time, I also strive to explore new technologies and services, the latest being AWS services to help me with a project in face-recognition and .NET Core as a language to ease the building of web apps and services.

Deep Data

Be it Data Warehousing, Big Data or simply designing your database, I have vast experience in all the fields related to data. I have built various databases using different technologies such as Microsoft SQL, mySQL, PL-SQL and even NoSQL databases like Firebase, mostly using them for their speed to retrieve data. I even have experience with structuring big data into a data-set which makes sense. My passion for Artificial Intelligence in relation with Big Data has got to understand even more the value of user data to be able to provide a unique personalised experience to the client.

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